Monday, January 4, 2021

2nd ISIS Terrorist Attack Targeting Buses in 3 Days: 9 Killed and 4 Injured

At 9:30 pm local time a convoy of fuel tankers and public buses on the Hama - Raqqa Road between Salamiyah and Ithriyah, came under attack by terrorists with machineguns, 9 civilians were killed and 4 others injured.

isis terrorist attack on buses on Salamiyah - Ithriyah road in H

A Syrian army unit was instantly mobilized to the site and engaged with the ISIS terrorists while rushing the victims of the attack to the Salamiyah National Hospital.

This comes just 3 days after the deadly attack on the last day of last year when ISIS terrorists attacked a bus in the countryside of Deir Ezzor carrying civilians and soldiers who started their annual vacation, the heinous attack killed 25 and injured 13 others.

Everybody from the evil camp needs a war and massacres to continue spilling innocent Syrian blood as punishment for the Syrian people for not accepting the US imposed 'democracy' and to divert the attention from their own problems at home: Donald Trump needs any conflict to stay in power as his days are numbered, both his days as president and maybe in this life as the Iranians vowed to hunt him down for killing their top general last year, the Israeli war criminal Netanyahu who's repeating the elections in his regime for the 4th time in the past 2 years to remain in power and avoid the prison awaiting him for his corruption cases, his regime, the anti-Jewish state needs a war to keep the US cannon fodders to protect it as the US 'deep state' wants to shift the battleground to China which is threatening to unseat it from the world's top economic player, the Turkish Madman Erdogan needs a war or any conflict because of his fast swindling approval rate and the horrific economic status he brought his country into, Israel's new monarch friends need any war to cover up their failure in all the regions they started their military adventures in, and NATO member states, especially France, need a war to cover all their evildoing against their own people during the ongoing 'pandemic' and other things.

Massacring Syrian people fits their needs for blood and for igniting the conflict when the Syrian armed forces start chasing the terrorists into areas protected by NATO states operating illegally in Syria, especially the US and Turkish of them.

These latest escalations of terrorist attacks in Syria and in the region with the tensions very high on the 1st anniversary of Trump killing the Iranian top general gives every excuse for a destructive war in which most of those in the US camp will suffer massive destruction, their leaders won't, and will cause further suffering to the only people fighting with their flesh and blood against the US hegemony and its proxy terrorists.

Details in this report: Hama: 9 Murdered in an Attack by NATO Terrorists on their Buses.

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