Tuesday, December 22, 2020

What Are the Lessons Armies Around the World Can Learn from the Syrian Crisis?

The War of Terror waged on Syria could be the longest world war in modern history that drew many armies, militias, and terrorist groups from around the world to settle their scores on the account of the oldest continuous civilization in the world, truly, there must be a lot to learn from it.

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A member of the Quora Wiki Q & A social media platform asked the following question in this regard: What can armies around the world learn from the Syrian Civil War?

I was tagged for an answer which I did and I will copy my answer here to save it from Quora's heavy censorship and also to share it with the readers of this platform, here is what I replied:

Armies around the world can learn from the ‘Syrian Civil War’ first and foremost not to believe any media report by any western outlet, nor any statement by any western official, maybe after they resign when they start telling the truth but when they’re in office never believe them: it’s not a civil war to start with.

A civil war is a war between components of the same society, country, or confined geographical regions based on religious, sectarian, ethnic, or political differences.

There’s nothing at all in common between the Syrian people and 350,000 Al Qaeda affiliated anti-Islamic suicide bombers shipped to Syria from all sides of the planet.

If that would be called ‘civil war’, it would be more accurate to call the September 2011 attacks on the New York Twin Towers as a ‘civil war’, at least Al Qaeda is the creation of the USA’s own CIA.

Putting this confusion aside, armies around the world can learn to create smaller highly mobilized units to combat terrorist groups, pay high attention to communications of all sorts, especially if it’s sponsored by the usual culprits THE USA, and act swiftly and decisively when riots start.

Get rid of all foreign media, or at least limit their movements, it would be imperative to expel all western mainstream media outlets out of the country at times of war, if there’s no news they will make news:

An important lesson to learn: Never take any advice from any other party, nobody will give advice better than your own officers, not even your closest allies.

Be vigilant and suspicious of any unusual move by any individual or group, a 7 years old child was wrapped with explosives and sent by her own father to blow up a police station in Damascus:

Keep safe distance clear in front of sensitive command and control quarters, and military units, bases, and especially remote units.

Do not use high-tech devices or limit their use to the minimum, everything can be hacked, that’s where old technologies stand out.

Some of the lessons we learned the hard way since the beginning of the US-led war of terror against our country Syria.

End of my reply on Quora.

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