Monday, December 21, 2020

Kurdish Separatists Kidnap Children and Turn them into Children Soldiers in the North of Syria

Kurdish separatists of the SDF (Syrian [sic] 'Democratic' [SIC] Forces) kidnapped a number of young men and children in the northern provinces of Hasakah and Raqqa in the past 2 days. The children were taken to concentration camps run by the Kurdish outlaw armed gangs under the protection of the 'Oil Thieves Regiment' of the United States of America Army' operating illegally in Syria.

Syria SDF YPG Asayish Recruiting Child Soldiers Kurds

In the town of Salmasah in the northern Hasakah countryside, herds of the Kurdish SDF gangs kidnapped several young men and beat their mothers who tried to protect their children.

Similarly, in the town of Tal Hamees in the same province, other herds raided the town and kidnapped several young men, they're still considered children by law.

A couple of days earlier in the Raqqa countryside, herds of the Kurdish SDF outlaw armed gangs kidnapped several other young Syrians for the same purpose: to protect the oil thieves of the Trump Forces operating illegally in Syria.

Details, map, background in this report: Kurdish SDF Gangs Kidnap Young Men, Beat Women in Hasakah Province.

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