Sunday, December 20, 2020

Landmine Explosion Kills a 15 Years Old and Injures 2 others South of Syria

The third landmine explosion in just one week in Syria, this time in the northern countryside of Syria's southern province Daraa, the explosion killed a young man of 15 years and injured 2 of his friends.

Landmine explosion kills civilians in Syria - انفجار لغم أرضي يقتل مدنيين في سورية

The injured were rushed to the nearby hospital for treatment from the numerous wounds from the landmine shrapnel along with the body of the young man who was killed on the spot, or what's left of it for his parents' identification and handing over for burial.

Landmines are a serious problem for the Syrian authorities and the Syrian people as the terrorists, sorry the 'freedom fighters', 'peaceful protesters', and 'democracy promoters' sponsored by NATO member states have planted all the areas they infested with a very large number of landmines and many shapes of IEDs - Improvised Explosive Devices, these would be of any shape including household items or even toys for children stuffed with explosives and waiting for their victims.

The regimes of the fake humanitarian USA and EU countries are continuing to play a very negative role in this issue as their inhumane sanctions and blockade prevent the Syrian state from acquiring needed equipment to handle these landmines, these fake humanitarians are also not sharing the maps where their proxies planted the explosives.

Details about this latest incident and the two others this past week alone in this report: Landmine Explosion in Daraa Kills a Young Man and Injures 2 Others.

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