Tuesday, December 22, 2020

6th Earthquake in Syria in the Past 4 Months

A new earthquake struck in the Idlib province with a magnitude of 4.3 degrees on the Richter scale this afternoon, December 22, 2020.

The earthquake was about 19 kilometers to the southwest of the city of Idlib, 4.3 is considered among the 'light' magnitude of earthquakes, it was 10 kilometers deep, as per the Syrian National Seismic Center.

Earthquake Syria - Idlib - Richter scale

No casualties were reported from the tremor.

Syria is on the Arab-African subversive fault that extends from the Iskenderun Strip in the north to the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea and then to the southern outskirts of the African continent with a length ranging between 3-4 thousand kilometers is a seismic hazard of the second degree and the most dangerous site on this fault is the northern part of the Arab plate, meaning the Syrian lands, specifically the northwestern sides of it from the Iskenderun Strip to the Al-Ghab, then to the Bekaa, Jordan, and Palestine to Aqaba and the Red Sea.’ From our previous report on the topic.

More in this report: An Earthquake of 4.3 Degrees on Richter Scale Hit Southwest of Idlib.

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