Saturday, December 12, 2020

4 Children Killed and Wounded in Hasakah: 2 in a Fire, 2 in a Bomb Explosion

Crimes against the Syrian people, especially the Syrian children, continue in the regions infested with NATO al Qaeda and Kurdish SDF proxies, the western mainstream media, and western officials are silent about these atrocities as they want this to be the new norm of Syria, similar to the other countries they invaded across the globe, but for them, God forbid the Syrian army moves to liberate the Syrian territories from the human garbage inflicting all these crimes on the Syrian people, the entire criminal western propaganda machine comes to work to demonize the victims and glorify the human garbage.

bomb explosion in Darabssiyah Hasakah countryside kills child in

Syria lost 2 children in a fire in their tent in the infamous Al Hol concentration camp for displaced Syrians in the eastern countryside of Hasakah province, northeast of Syria.

Al Hol concentration camp, one of the two camps inside Syria for displaced Syrians, is run by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist armed groups and holds thousands of Syrian families hostages against their will in super miserable conditions alongside families of the terrorists themselves they fled from.

In another incident, a bomb was detonated next to a passengers' van in the city of Darbassiyah on the borders with NATO member state Turkey, a child was killed on the spot and her sister sustained severe wounds from shrapnel all over her small body.

Details of the above atrocities in this report: Hasakah: 3 Children Killed, One Injured by US-Al Qaeda, and SDF Proxies.

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