Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Why Hasn't Russia Helped Armenia Until Now? Is Russia Afraid of Turkey?

There is only one party benefiting from the recent escalations in the Nagorno Karabach region and the ongoing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, all the deaths and destruction could be avoided but that party that benefits from this conflict needs it to escalate further, and that party is neither Armenia, nor Azerbaijan, and not even Turkey which is posed to lose more in the many fronts it opened. It's Israel, who the Turkish madman Erdogan said he's tasked to work for.

In one of the gatherings with his loyal supporters, which he likes to do much, Erdogan explicitly said: 'We (Turkey) are tasked to be the leaders in the new Greater Middle East Project', the project is also known as the 'Greater Israel Project'. He warned his followers if they miss the chance they will not be able to revive the Ottoman Empire, which everybody else hates.

Later on, Erdogan dragged Turkey into instigating a number of external conflicts starting with Syria, all of those conflicts serve Israel, the one going on in Nagorno Karbach is just an added one as it threatens both Iran and Russia.

A concerned member of Quora wiki Q & A social platform asked this question: Why does Russia not help Armenia? Is it afraid of the Turks?

I was tagged for a reply, the following is a copy of my reply there to save it from Quora's heavy censorship and to share it with the readers of this platform:

There are reasons why Russia is not, yet, involved militarily in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia:

  • Russia prefers to exhaust diplomatic efforts, even after it engages militarily, the cost of diplomatic sweat is way cheaper than the cost of war. Russia kept Syria fight international terrorism for 5.5 years before it entered and after the Syrian government had to ask despite that most of the terrorists in Syria hail from Russian federation states and all the terrorists fighting in Syria consider Russia as their enemy.
  • Russia is obliged to enter the war on Armenia’s side when Armenian territories are attacked and after Armenia asks for help, they have a mutual defense pact. So far, Armenian territories are not attacked, Nagorno Karabach - Artsakh is an autonomous state, not an integral part of Armenia despite the integral connections and reliance on Armenia, Azerbaijan and most of the rest of the world consider it part of Azerbaijan and wants it consolidated within Azerbaijan at any cost.
  • Armenia so far has not asked for Russian direct involvement in the current conflict.

Russia, however, is exerting more pressure to end this conflict by diplomatic means despite the attempts of the Turkish Madman Erdogan to fuel it, he has already spoiled the first Russian-brokered ceasefire and is working hard to spoil the current one.

Within the past 48 hours, Russia hit two Turkish-soft targets in Syria’s Idlib province, the first one was an illegal fuel market run by a group of Al Qaeda terrorists and under the protection of the Al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front aka HTS. The market was selling stolen Syrian oil through Turkey, Erdogan’s own family is heavily involved in this trade selling the Syrian stolen oil to Israel, Erdogan’s son Bilal was named in early reports to be running this business from within Israel.

The second target struck by Russia is a training camp for one of Al Qaeda’s offshoots called Faylaq Al-Sham, this airstrike killed and injured around 180 terrorists. This group could be arguably the closest and most loyal to Erdogan, they follow the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood ideology, the same of Erdogan and Al Qaeda’s current head Ayman Zawahri:

Read: 180 Faylaq Al-Sham Terrorists Killed and Injured by a Russian Airstrike in Idlib.

Russia is also an essential party in brokering a ceasefire between the two ‘Libyas’ that emerged after NATO destroyed the once ‘Jewel of Africa’. Erdogan has a great interest in keeping the government based in Tripoli functioning and expanding at all costs, its leaders are also members of his Muslim Brotherhood cult and Turkey is heavily involved in that conflict militarily among other means.

Once there’s a need for military intervention to aid Armenia expect Russia to go full power in, especially that Erdogan has sent hundreds of heavily armed and trained suicide terrorists to the conflict against Armenia, those pose a similar threat to Russia.

Worth Reading, an analysis by a career Turkish journalist: Turkey and 'Israel'... Did they Cross Path in Azerbaijan?

End of my reply on Quora.

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