Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Will the Tensions between Turkish Erdogan and France's Macron Go Higher?

 It doesn't seem that anybody is interested in reducing the tensions between Erdogan and Macron, two war criminals and the leaders of two countries heir to two of the most criminal empires in the world's history, will their tensions grow bigger?

Turkey-based career journalist Husni Mahali believes so, he knows Erdogan closely, on the personal level even, they know each other very well to the extent that Erdogan felt threatened from the information Mr. Mahali has in early 2017 he threw him in prison despite his old age, his health conditions, their former friendship, and he is a journalist who did nothing of criminal nature as per the laws of Turkey itself.

Mr. Mahali thinks that both Erdogan and Macron are benefiting from this ongoing tension and war of words between the two as both are charging their electoral base being both bigots with colonial ambitions.

Macron's anti-Islamic statements and enmity toward Islam is increasing Macron's popularity among his electoral bigot base but also he's helping Erdogan increase his popularity among the already loyal Muslim Brotherhood, who are anti-Islamic as well wearing the robe of Islam as a cover only, while Erdogan's firing back at Macron helps both of them as well in the circles of their loyalists...!

France under Macron, of lately, and Turkey under Erdogan have split in every foreign policy, and in many matters domestic policies in one another's country, that was inevitable but after they would have won the war against Syria, had they won it as they were so excited drawing the plans together and working hand in hand closely in that pursuit at all costs for about a decade. Their failure in the war on Syria led them to the other inevitable clash that always happens among criminals who fail to achieve their crime and get exposed earlier than they anticipated.

Neither of the men nor their countries has any base for morality when talking about any issues, especially regarding the people of countries that were under the occupation of their former empires they are feverishly working hard to revive, basically, the Arab countries, and beyond.

Better to read it from the source, I've translated Mr. Mahali's article from its Arabic source here: Erdogan and Macron, Wait for more Escalation and Surprises.

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