Friday, October 9, 2020

Syrian President Assad on Trump's Plot to Assassinate Him

 Commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Russian military intervention in Syria aiding the Syrian army in combating the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists, the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad gave a couple of interviews to the Russian media addressing a number of topics on the current issues.

In this Part One of Two of his interview with the Russian Sputnik TV, President Assad replied to the question about his reaction to Trump's plot to assassinate him, who is in control of the USA, the military cooperation between Syria and Russia in regards to combating terror and the global power balance, among other issues.

President Assad on the US elections and the plans of the next US president: 'There's no president in the USA, there's a CEO who implements the will of the board of directors: the lobbies for the large corporations.'

Assad also talked about the main turning points in the war on terror Syria is fighting on behalf of the world with the help of its few friends, mainly Russia and Iran.

Sputnik TV has been releasing small parts of the interview, this is the biggest part yet and I believe it's half of the interview, it has French subtitles and I added the English subtitles for people with hearing disabilities, also the full transcript of the interview can be found here: President Assad Interview with Sputnik TV and the Full Interview Transcript.

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