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Why President Assad Refusing to Let Go the Syrian Golan in Exchange for Peace with Israel?

We come across strange inquiries online, some of them are innocent which also include lack of knowledge of all sorts and lack of understanding, lack of sense, and most are not innocent, they're planted to imprint a certain narrative in the subconscious of the public over time, even when it comes to basic understandings.

I couldn't categorize the following question posted on Quora, the wiki Q & A social platform, in regards to the Syrian Golan and a peace possibility between Syria and Israel, the question goes: What do you think of Syria's President Assad saying on 10/09/20 that the return of the Golan Heights is a precondition to Israel-Syria peace?

I replied to it on Quora and copying my reply here to first preserve it from Quora's heavy censorship especially in topics related to Israel, no idea why, and to share the knowledge, so this was my reply there:

Israel (that’s the USA, France, the UK, plus the Gulfies as we are discovering now) occupied the Golan in the 1967 expansionist war against its neighbors. The idea was to import more Jews from Europe and elsewhere into Palestine and its surrounding, in the process control water resources, and displace the people of the areas occupied into the diaspora.

Guess what: Not only European Jewish settlers drink water. It’s now a proven fact that all human beings, even all creatures drink water and need it for their very existence.

The occupation of the Golan included controlling the Tabaraya Lake (translated into English to the Sea of Galilee), plus other water resources from the Golan and the land of course.

Replacing people with other people is part of Genocide, Genocide as per international law is a war crime, just to clarify.

The Syrian Golan:

Ever since, Israel could not get acceptance to its occupation of the Syrian Golan from any other country in the world, let alone any international organization, even from the USA itself, its main lifeline for existence, because simply it’s against international law.

Only until recently, that’s in March last year and after more than half a century (52 years to be precise), did the regime of Donald Trump recognize Israel’s control over the Golan by a letter he signed…! Which naturally does NOT warrant any legal value or in other words: Not worth the paper it’s written on.

It’s the same Trump that withdrew from JCPOA, an international treaty signed by his predecessor along with international parties including mostly his country’s main allies, the treaty that was endorsed by the United Nations Security Council which the USA is also a member of:

And two years after Trump withdrew his country from the treaty his country signed and was a main negotiator of, Trump wants to effect one of its articles!

The above example shows how much worthy a US signing of a document is considered by the US own officials when it comes to international law; therefore, such recognition by the USA of an illegal status of any land doesn’t merit any legal value.

The Syrian President Bashar Assad is only emphasizing on the righteous path for a prolonged peace treaty, he, the Syrian President, nor any other Syrian politician, has the legal right to give away Syrian land. Israel, in previous peace talks first accepted to return the entire Golan to Syria in exchange for peace then changed their mind when Syria accepted and insisted on maintaining the occupation of the entire Tabaraya Lake (translated to English as the Sea of Galilee), that means both shores including the one on the Syrian side, that means Syrian land.

In Israel’s point of view: Non-European Jewish settlers should not drink or use fresh water, they should only have access to wastewater, the thing they demonstrated in their agreement with Jordan known as the Wadi Araba peace pact, in which Israel accepted, among other things, to give Jordan access to fresh water from the Yarmouk River (translated to English as Jordan River): Israel accepted to give Jordan access to Jordan River….

Instead, Israel gave Jordan access to the wastewater of the river.

Bashar Al Assad knows this very well, his father and predecessor once told Bill Clinton when discussing this last piece of land: ‘If I accept to give it away my own bodyguard will shoot me.’

Israel can still walk away without paying much in compensations for occupying the Syrian land, sorry, the US taxpayers will not be paying much in compensations for the Syrian people for Israel occupying the Syrian Golan, if it withdraws voluntarily from the land before the forthcoming war. Otherwise, the Golan will be liberated, the European Jewish imported settlers living illegally on it will face legal prosecution and the US taxpayers will have to pay the compensation for stealing the land for over half a century and consuming it, oppressing its people, and committing crimes against humanity there.

The USA, if it’s keen on helping the European Jewish imported settlers in the Golan can follow the advice of the Syrian Ambassador to the UNSC: Amb. Jaafari: The USA Can Give Up a State or Two of its Own to Israel.

End of my reply on Quora.

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