Saturday, October 17, 2020

COVID 19 Discovered Cases in Syria Reach Five Thousand

COVID 19 cases in Syria continue to rise amidst the increasing pressure by the USA and its EU lapdogs refusing to lift the inhumane draconian sanctions and complete blockade they impose on the country where over 18 million remained out of its 23 million population prior to 2011.

56 new cases in 6 different provinces, three death cases, and 31 recovered today 16 October 2020, as per the Syrian Ministry of Health.

The US regime of sanctions imposed on Syria dubbed the Caesar Act added to the European blockade renewed in last June for a further year were meant to prevent any foreign country from dealing with the Syrian government entities including the Syrian banking system and Syrian-based organizations thus impeding any Syrian government efforts in providing the basics for the Syrian people, that in the sense of the hypocrite Orwellian-driven evil minds of the US and EU officials considered as helping the Syrian people achieve democracy and free speech when neither of those is in reality enjoyed in those countries as we've seen in the Yellow Vests protests in France, the London protests they called riots, the US racism and poverty, and the control of the banksters all over the western world.

More in this report: COVID 19 in Syria: Fifty-Seven New Cases Today and Three New Deaths.

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