Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Child and Two Young Men Killed by Landmines Planted by Kurdish SDF Militia in Syria

A child and two other young men were killed and a fourth injured in two separate explosions of landmines in northern Syria.

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist militia celebrate over the ruins of Syrian cities

The landmines were planted by the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist militia, something akin to what the other US-sponsored ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists do in the areas they infest to continue to harvest lives and maim people long after the terrorists are defeated and the areas liberated.

One of the explosions blew up in a child in the countryside of Deir Ezzor province, northern Syria.

Another landmine blew up in three young men killing two instantly and injuring the third in the northern countryside of Hasakah province, at the borders with Turkey.

Landmines have been killing and maiming Syrians since the US started its War of Terror against Syria in March 2011.

More details in this report: Two Civilians and a Child Killed by a Landmine Planted by the SDF Militia.

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