Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Terrified Israeli IDF Soldiers Bomb their own Post and Celebrate the Direct Hit

Israeli IDF soldiers in the northern regions of occupied Palestine are in very unenviable mode, they're terrified, confused, and tense, they've been on their highest alert for a full week and finally, they bombed their own fortified post near a village they occupy south of Lebanon, then celebrate the victory before they were struck by reality.
Fire and smoke in an area under Israeli occupation south of Lebanon when the IDF bombed their own fortified post.
Yesterday in the afternoon, an Israeli IDF post in a region they occupy south of Lebanon bombed what they claimed was a group of Hezb Allah fighters who sneaked into the post the IDF emptied anticipating the Hezb's retaliation attack, soon enough, the Israeli PM Netanyahu was all over the news leaving a scheduled meeting for an urgent meeting with his war cabinet and stating that something serious and important happening in the north.
But what was claimed to be spotting and targeting of a Hezb Allah group turned out to be a delusional vision of the IDF unit terrified from a Hezb Allah retaliation to the extent they saw it as it's happening.
This goes back one week when Israel bombed a Syrian military site near Damascus claiming they are targeting Iranian troops in Syria, as usual, to justify their war crimes. In that aggression, 7 Syrian soldiers were injured and one soldier of the Lebanese Hezb Allah group embedded with them was killed.
Hezb Allah mourned their soldier and instantly Israel went on its highest state of alert, Israel breached a rule of engagement with Hezb Allah set last year in similar conditions and now they have to wait until Hezb Allah retaliates as promised by Hezb Allah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah in August 2019.
What happened yesterday was a complete scandal and psychological warfare defeat to the Israeli's highly trained, heavily armed, very well-financed (all on the account of US taxpayers) army, and at all levels.

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