Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Criminals Forging COVID 19 PCR Tests for Persons Heading to Syria Arrested

Two criminals were arrested in Lebanon were forging COVID 19 PCR test results for persons traveling to Syria and did not undergo the test.

The Lebanese law enforcement was tipped about unknown individuals forging the documents in exchange for money and set up a search and arrest operation that led to the criminals in a suburb of the Lebanese capital Beirut.
Over a dozen fake reports and a cellphone with up to 100 images of similar reports were found with the criminals at the time of the arrest.
As if Syria needs any further burden in addition to fighting the world's filthiest terrorist groups which are sponsored by the world's most evil regimes in NATO member states, the Gulfies, and Israel, in addition to the US and EU illegal unilateral draconian sanctions preventing the country from buying the essentials it needs for the 18 million human beings living in the government-controlled provinces.

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