Monday, July 27, 2020

Trump Forces Plotted a Catastrophe against an Iranian Civilian Airplane Over Syria, it Failed

Illegal forces working for the embattled US war criminal Donald Trump plotted a catastrophe against an Iranian commercial airplane packed with only civilian passengers over Syria's air, thankfully, their plot failed when first the heroic pilot dropped altitude abruptly and back to the course to avoid a collision, and the second attempt failed when the Syrian air defense did not fire at the US fighter jets violating Syrian airspace near the borders with Lebanon.

The first attempt took place over an illegal military base the US forces erected in the furthest point in the Syrian desert near the Jordanian and Iraqi borders at Al Tanf area, which also hosts the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp which the US forces keep thousands of Syrian families as human shield hostages.
That's when the pilot dropped the altitude to avoid colliding with one of the two US F15 fighter jets that came from a base in the north of Jordan. The abrupt drop in altitude and up again caused the injuries of most of the passengers on board.
The second attempt was more criminal trying to trick the Syrian air defense units to target the US fighter jets knowing that surface to air heat-seeking missiles will go after the larger target which is the civilian plane, but the crime attempt is not surprising from a military-like the US which has carried out a similar attempt that caused the Iranians to shoot down the Ukrainian passenger jet while targeting the US fighter jets near their borders, killing all its 167 people onboard.
The USA has also shot down an Iranian airplane back in 1988 intentionally over the Persian Gulf killing that time all 290 human beings on board, with no remorse.

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