Monday, March 2, 2020

Syria News: Pilots Parachute Safely, Drones Intercepted, Erdogan Still Nuts

Turkish regime war criminals again came to the defense of al Qaeda in Idlib, intercepting two Syrian planes “carrying out a mission against these armed terrorists,” in the Idlib region. The pilots “parachuted safely.”

Syrian defenses shot down three illicit Turkish drones over Idlib and also opened fire on hostile drones over Hama City. The Turkish regime is utilizing advanced drones to assist the various factions of al Qaeda terrorists with cover fire and reconnaissance.
“The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced on Sunday the closing of the airspace above the northwestern part of Syria, particularly over Idleb province, affirming that any aircraft that violates the airspace will be considered a hostile target and will be shot down,” SANA reported.
Russia has announced it cannot guarantee the safety of [criminal] Turkish warplanes... Continue reading:

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