Monday, March 2, 2020

SAA Cleans Saraqib from Erdogan forces, Again, and as Planned

Saraqib is cleaned from Turkish-sponsored terrorists, again, after NATO’s second and third largest armies attacked the SAA and its allies and entered the city, there are large numbers of casualties among Erdogan terrorists, we’ll find out an estimate of their numbers after the SAA finishes combing the city.
Saraqib city

The city of Saraqib was cleaned from al-Qaeda terrorists last month on February 6th, it’s vital for securing the Damascus-Aleppo highway aka M5, and Aleppo-Latakia highway aka M4.
Erdogan pushed thousands of the Turkish Army in front of thousands more of the al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front and its affiliates to occupy the city again, the SAA absorbed the initial attacks until Turkey declared war against Syria, as we learned yesterday from Erdogan’s war... Continue reading:

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