Monday, March 2, 2020

Russian Military Police Deployed in Saraqib Ending Erdogan’s Dreams in It

The Russian Military Police started their patrols in the city of Saraqib after the Syrian Arab Army and its allies cleaned the city again late last night, this will bury Erdogan’s daydreams of invading the city again or risk facing the Russian forces in Syria.

The Russian Military Police are deployed in the city of Saraqib to secure the M4 and M5 arteries running through the city, Russian official source.
Not that Erdogan is dumb enough to actually engage the Russian forces in Syria, he tried that before by shooting down the Russian Su-24 fighter jet from behind in 2015, but the circumstances today are completely different than those, today Iran is bombing a US military base after warning it and causing over a 100 casualties among the US soldiers, sorry ‘brain injured’, there are no more ‘Freinds of Syria’ comprising of 65 fooled countries with fake news, and the large number of lap jumping Erdogan did in the recent years made sure he will have no ally to trust him to join his adventures, adding that the whole world now knows that Syria is fighting al-Qaeda in Idlib, and Erdogan’s army is on the side of al-Qaeda.
Local sources reported seeing Russian fighting units arriving at Saraqib, not only the Military Police, after reports of new reinforcements sent from Turkey in very large numbers, the Russian fighting units are ready for any dumbness of Erdogan.
The SAA and its allies in a record 4 days only absorbed the Turkish huge invasion, regrouped... Continue reading:

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