Saturday, February 29, 2020

Unprovoked Airstrike by Erdogan’s Army Kills SAA and Hezb Allah Soldiers

An airstrike accompanied by artillery shelling was carried out by the Turkish Army wing loyal to Erdogan against an advanced Syrian Arab Army post in Zarbeh town on the Aleppo Maarat Noman (M5) highway yesterday night.

The attack is unprovoked, the SAA post is only engaged in providing back up to the outpost defense lines against Nusra Front terrorists. Nusra Front is registered as a terrorist organization by the United Nations, normal countries in the world, even by NATO including Turkey itself (!).
This comes immediately after the Turkish Army wing loyal to Erdogan, the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood hypocrite and back-stabber, agreed with the Russian Army and Erdogan himself agreed to Russian President Putin to de-escalate the tensions and focus on fighting terror, making this another cheap crime by... Continue reading: 

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