Saturday, February 29, 2020

UN Westerners to Syria: Let our al-Qaeda Continue Rule Idlib, Please!

Westerner Antonio Guterres addressed yet another UN emergency meeting in support of the biggest al Qaeda haven since 9/11/, in Idlib. One day after the 27 February NATO humanitarian soiree at the Security Council, the Secretary-General called upon Syria to put down their weapons and leave al-Qaeda alone. Guterres managed to add almost another 50,000 persons to the UN’s weird displaced Idlib persons list, to which more than 48,000 had already been added over an eleven day period.
In calling for Syria to relinquish its responsibility to protect its citizenry, to lay down its weapons and cease ridding the country of the most depraved of the world’s criminally insane, SG Guterres has removed any possible doubt that the UN is aligned with al Qaeda in Syria.
After draining their economies to invest in terrorism in Syria, the western members of the UNSC hold a 7th meeting in the shortest month of the year of the supposed to be the world’s ‘Security Council’, to beg the Syrian leadership to leave al-Qaeda head-choppers to continue ruling Idlib and continue to terrorize the over 3 million Syrians living there and never cried for by the hypocrites.
Arabi Souri
In demanding another unilateral cessation of hostilities by the S.A.R., Guterres has shamelessly announced that the UN supports cannibals, child rapists, murderers of women, beheaders, murderers of soldiers, child... Continue reading:

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