Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Trump Regime Illegals Murder a Syrian Civilian, Get to Taste Syrian Anger

Trump regime forces illegally in Syria had to bomb their way to safety from an angry mob of locals, after murdering a civilian, on Wednesday. The American illegals in armored military vehicles attempted to breach a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint at al Suwais Alaia-Khirbat Ammo road east of Qamishli City. This area has always been safely under SAA protectionthat the American illegals attempted to breach it suggests Trump is attempting to expand his colonial fake squatting rights.

Locals arrived to support their troops, surrounding the big, bad, American military vehicles, with American soldiers safely inside them.
Unlike the US’s all volunteer low-level mercenary military, the SAA is conscripted. This means that Syria’s soldiers are the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers of the Syrian people, upholding their responsibility to protect their country and families. NATO media stenographers consistently omit this key part when barking lies about the SAA killing Syrians. The SAA defends the homeland within its internationally recognized borders, from the invading pathogens funded and armed by NATO countries and their... Continue reading:

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