Friday, February 14, 2020

‘Erdogan Threats are Hollow’, Syria Challenges the Turkish Madman

After the Syrian Arab Army killed 11 of his troops and injured 14 others in Idlib, the Turkish pariah Erdogan issued daring threats against the SAA thinking he has the real backing of NATO and still thinking he can bet on his terrorist groups in Syria to reverse its rapid defeats at the hands of the Syrian forces.
A good Turkish (NATO) tank is a bombed by SAA tank.

Syria calmly and swiftly replied to the threats of Erdogan describing it as “hollow and comes only from someone who is divorced from reality and who doesn’t understand the developments of the situation and the issues, and they only reflect ignorance.”
Syria vowed to continue cleaning ‘every inch’ in a direct challenge to the Turkish madman and those he works for in the west.
Russia, on its part, responded as well to Erdogan’s big mouth and accusations by simply... Continue reading (video included):

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