Thursday, December 12, 2019

Talking is Cheap: Turkey and USA Condemn Aggression against Syria!

Syrian oil and land theft are condemned, Israel’s continuous aggression against Syria is condemned, Kurdish attempt to Israelize territories in Syria is condemned, fighting terrorist groups in Syria is a must, Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty must be respected.

The above is part of the final statement of the 14th round of talks at the Kazakh capital Nursultan (aka Astana Talks) in regard to the Syrian crisis. Observers, like myself, are bewildered.
All of what is aforementioned are the norms in international law, shouldn’t even be a point of debate or discussion. Astana Talks are the evolution of the former fruitless Geneva Talks which were dominated by criminal-minded states spearheaded by the US and its NATO cronies in addition to the Gulfies and representatives of al-Qaeda with a shy presence of states that respect the international law like Russia and a veto against the presence of Iran.
Astana Talks, on the other hand, are fruitful, somehow, talks guaranteed by normal countries plus Turkey. Iran and Russia are the two guarantors from the Syrian and international law side, while... Continue reading (video report included):

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