Tuesday, December 10, 2019

President Assad’s Banned Interview with Rai 24: Europe Key Perpetrator of Terror in Syria

On 26 November, Syria’s President Bashar al Assad gave an interview to RaiNews24, which was supposed to have been aired in Italy on 2 December. For reasons known only to the inner elite, the Italian news station decided to censor it and refused to give the Syrian Arab Republic an explanation for the abrupt decision. The government released it on 9 December.

The interview was conducted in English. The video with Arabic captions is provided by the Syrian Presidency; the transcript by SANA.
Question 1: Mr. President, thanks for having us here.  Let us know please, what’s the situation in Syria now, what’s the situation on the ground, what is happening in the country?
President Assad:  If we want to talk about Syrian society: the situation is much, much better, as we learned so many lessons from this war and I think the future of Syria is promising; we are going to come out of this war stronger.
Talking about the situation on the ground: The Syrian Army has been advancing for the last few years and has liberated many areas from the terrorists, there... Continue reading (video included): https://www.syrianews.cc/president-assads-banned-interview-with-rai-24-europe-key-perpetrator-of-terror-in-syria/

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