Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Entirety of Northern Hama Countryside is Clean from NATO Terrorists

After weeks of fierce battles with the worse enemies of mankind, the NATO-sponsored terrorists of Al-Qaeda FSA Nusra Front and its affiliates, the Syrian Arab Army declares the entirety of Hama northern countryside and its villages are clean from terror.

The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces issued a statement confirming the eradicating of terrorists from a number of their previous strongholds which they have massively and intensively fortified and barricaded themselves in for the past many years, the statement named a number of villages and towns which were liberated in addition to the prize city of Khan Sheikhoun (Khan Shaykhoun).

The work is in progress to clean the liberated areas from landmines and explosives planted by the terrorists, the statement... Continue reading:

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