Sunday, August 25, 2019

Netanyahu Forces Bomb Damascus ahead of Elections

Prison or Prime Minister, the Israeli Netanyahu going to all extents including blowing away the last fig leave that covers Israeli’s relations with Al-Qaeda in Syria. During the past couple of weeks, Netanyahu forces have been bombing Iraqi weapons depots in Iraq, shooting and bombing into besieged Gaza, desecrating Islam’s second holiest Aqsa Mosque, aggressive settlements building all over occupied Palestine, and topped it up with this latest aggression yesterday night by bombing near Damascus, Syria.

Details of this latest aggression against Syria are still developing, and also from Lebanon where one or two Israeli drones seem to be brought down near the Lebanese capital Beirut, but what is certain so far is the Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front losing of Khan Sheikhoun has panicked the Israeli regime to the extent of exposing their direct support to Al-Qaeda, in addition to all the previous attacks carried out against... Continue reading:

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