Sunday, June 30, 2019

Deal of the Century to Solve Palestinian Issue or to Give the GCC to Israel?

Trump and his team are just a continuation of the so-called Deep State, the real decision makers in the US domestic and foreign policies. How can anyone explain that there are only two political parties in the USA dominating the political life there and both compete for the same goals? If you understand this basic logic you’ll figure out from where the ‘Deal of the Century’ is coming from.

But what is the ‘Deal of the Century’ promoted by the regime of Donald Trump and attributed to his son-in-law, who acts as though he has more allegiance to Israel than to the US? On a side note If nepotism is practiced anywhere in the world it can be very explicitly obvious in the USA: The Bush family the father and son as presidents and the other son as a governor, the Clintons husband and wife , the Kennedys, and others. Then they tell you it’s a democracy and not just a front of those taking the decisions in the dark.

Those working in the dark in the USA, and in other countries within its camp, do planning much longer than the terms of their presidents, such planning go for decades ahead and have multiple options for each plan. US presidents usually follow their orders and if they ever deviate, you can... Continue reading:

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