Thursday, June 27, 2019

Amb. Jaafari Slams Liars at UN Meeting: SAMS Illegals Embedded with Terrorists

H.E. Bashar al Jaafari, Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations was again forced into giving yet another tutorial on International Law and the UN Charter, on 25 June, during yet another anti-Syria soiree. Listed as yet another meeting on the “Humanitarian Situation” in the SAR, the usual suspects — mostly the same liars who lied about Aleppo and Ghouta — were gathered to spew their support of al Qaeda terrorists against the Syrian people, this time the western trio smuggled into the UNSC meeting the executive of SAMS, a USAID NGO focused on Syria, a non-Syrian, a non-Consultative society, and working against the interests of a member state of the United Nations, all against the UN Charter.

The consummate diplomat again explained that the government of his country has the responsibility and the right to defend its citizenry against foreign pathogens.

Dr. Jaafari also reminded the criminals gathered at the Security Council meeting that the Geneva/ ICRC treaties explicitly state that medical facilities may only be... Continue reading:

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