Sunday, September 9, 2018

GRAPHIC: Traitor Kurds Massacre Syrian Security Members

The traitorous and treacherous faction of Kurds who are funded by the US today massacred members of the Syrian Arab Army military security. At 0930, Saturday 8 September, 13 personnel were slaughtered in an ambush in Qamishli city of the Syrian province of AL-Hasaka. These terrorists have illegally put their hands on the Syrian province Al-Qamashli and have been trying non-stop to depopulate the area from its Syrian citizens. 

Loyal to their US sponsor, the armed factions of Kurds have imposed the Kurdish language in Syrian schools they occupy, removing Arabic which is our national language. They have stolen the harvests of Syrian farmers and prevented them from sending needed wheat to other regions of Syria.

Syria welcomed Kurdish refugees and granted them Syrian nationality. In gratitude, many have rewarded Syria’s kindness with treachery and atrocities... Continue Reading:

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