Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Syria: Deep State Use of 5th Column/Mercs for War Propaganda

syria news kareem
US 5th columnist & mercenary Kareem claims 'thousands will be killed' & hasn't looked this tickled pink since he groping a suicide bomber...belt.
Syria is making international headlines again, specifically involving Idlib and more specifically involving the threats by the Three Stooges of geopolitics offering protection to the world’s human garbage, who have settled this governate since the early days of the crisis. That the leaders of France, UK, US have changed since 2011 yet continue the same war criminal policies of their predecessors gives evidence that “democracy” should be entered in the next DSM-R, as a paraphilia. 


Deja vu?
Again, for the record, more than 100 countries around the globe have found an inexpensive way to deal with the criminally insane of their populations: Dump them into the Syrian Arab Republic, call them “moderate Syrian opposition,” insist the media call the moral and criminal degenerates “heroes,” give them lots of money, expensive cameras, and weapons and then bomb the country that tries to defend itself within its legal boundaries. Any competent shrink will state that telling raving lunatics that they are sane is not the way to cure them — or at least keep them from being dangers to... Continue reading: https://www.syrianews.cc/syria-deep-state-use-of-5th-column-mercs-for-war-propaganda/

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