Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Breaking: Syria Air Defense Intercepts Several Israeli Missiles

Syria Air Defense intercepts Israeli newest aggression Masyaf - wadi oyoun - Hama, Israel bombing
Breaking: Syria’s air defense intercepted several Israeli missiles Tuesday 4 September, forcing the Israeli war jets to go back through some of the missiles got through.

These are more war crimes from Israel; bombing Syria is a war crime as is Israel’s violation of Lebanese airspace

Breaking News: Syrian air defense intercepted several Israeli missiles Tuesday, September 4th. And forced the Israeli war jets to go back. However, the Israeli war jets which violated The Lebanese airspace in its way to target military source in both coastlines of Tartous, Baniyas and Hama Mesyaf countryside called Wadi Al-Oyoun claimed the life of Syrian civilian in Mesyaf Hama according to Alwatani (National) Hospital’s director and left many wounded in both Hama and Banyas.

Israel always claims that it is targeting the Iranian ally of Syria, however, Iran and Syria are in a war on the terrorists, which proves that Israel is using terrorists to destabilize Syria. moreover, Israel... Continue Reading: https://www.syrianews.cc/syria-air-defense-intercepts-israeli-missiles/

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