Saturday, September 15, 2018

Freedom of Press or Freedom of Crime: Reuters Creates News in Syria for NATO

‘Beijing is trying to weaponize tourism’ is what Reuters called China’s version of the US State Department’s travel warnings and travel bans…! Reuters is one of the Pentagon’s leading tools in disinformation in the ‘War of Terror’ waged against Syria from the first days.

Reuters office manager in Syria, a Jordanian Khaled Oweis, was caught on Syrian TV camera in Daraa National Hospital putting words in a wounded SAA soldier’s mouth in the first week of the riots.

SAA soldier wounded with a bullet, carried on a stretcher to the OR, was saying in a faint voice he was shot at from the protesters’ side, Reuters report had the reporter repeating: ‘You’re saying the security officer shot you from behind for refusing to shoot at protesters’?

The forgery by Reuters Syrian office manager in his report led to his arrest to stand trial and instantly... Continue reading:

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