Friday, September 28, 2018

Femicide & Atrocities against Syrian Women by West’s Terrorists

femicide syrian women & kids kidnapped
Syrian women kidnapped by terrorists including al-Jazeera. No mention in any MSM.
Femicide and other heinous atrocities against Syrian women continue to be ignored by the West, including so-called feminist groups. Watching the wretched diplomats drone on about protecting the murderers of Syrian women while braying about the need for ‘rights of women in the SAR’ makes it woefully past time for the gloves to come off. There is something particularly rancid when a man who has ignored mass slaughter, kidnapping, and rape of women dares to utter a single word about women’s rights.

utterly repulsive dalmatian
Utterly repulsive Dalmatian, friend of perpetrators of femicide of Syrian women, dared to talk about their ‘rights.’
After more than 7-1/2 years of foreign-sponsored horrors against Syria — some so blood-curdling as to be unfit for the US hit tv Criminal Minds — it is more than inexcusable for anyone to be ignorant of the gruesome facts. How do fraud liberals legitimize their blindness to the obvious lack of women when the terrorists are entertained in the UN, on Capitol Whore Hill, and in interviews? Mockingbirdbrains screeching to Save Idlib Terrorists! honestly have not noticed that Syrian women in Idlib are invisible, except for public executions for adultery (and some ridiculous inside photo ops of teen girls fake engaged in fake trauma care with the savage White Helmets, for purpose of fundraising because the CIA & British intelligence just does not give them enough tax monies.)?

femicide -syrian woman executed idlib
Syrian woman murdered by foreign-armed, foreign terrorists in Idlib, 2015, for ‘adultery.’ Ignoring this act of femicide, MSM used her to whitewash other factions of al-Qaeda.
Even Dalmatian de Mistura has admitted that double-digit thousands of foreign “fighters” [armed terrorists] control Idlib city and... Continue reading:

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