Wednesday, September 26, 2018

AFP Frogs Play Violins for Last American Terrorist in Idlib

AFP did a magical interview with the last American terrorist in Idlib & every branch of MSM is running with it.
The pathogen-ridden AFP frogs are at it, again. This time, they play maudlin violins for the last officially known American  5th columnist-mercenary-terrorist in Idlib, Bilal Abdul Kareem. On 23 September, the world’s 3rd largest wire service propagator of immoral criminal lies against Syria managed to interview the friend of child beheaders, the man who gropes suicide belts, and who cuddles with the Saudi lunatic-also-illegal in Syria, SDN member Muhaysini. There is a certain magic that allows criminals to bypass internet and other telecommunication problems in the SAR, and freely give and receive interviews. 

On 25 August, Syrian activist Afraa Dagher asked a rhetorical question:  How do AFP  journalists remain safe while embedded with al-Qaeda terrorists? They have an uncanny 100% survival rate in passing through terrorist-controlled checkpoints and taking photos in armed training camps.  Throughout her report, she showed AFP embedded with arm terrorists in their illegal training camps on Syria territory. Ms. Dagher provoked the call by SyriaNews  to both France and the UN to seize the assets of AFP, as it flagrantly breaches both French anti-terrorism laws and  UNSCR 2253 (2015) — both of which provide for the seizure of assets of any gang involved in supporting terrorism through... Continue reading:

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