Friday, February 12, 2016

Thank You USA from the Children of the World

We'll not waste your time, or ours as we are busy fighting your creation. Just take 3 minutes of your busy schedule and watch this short message from Iraqi children to the people of the United States of America:

8 years later the US and its allies started invading Syria by thousands of mercenaries to repeat what they did in Iraq, like what they did in Libya, and everywhere they exported their 'democracy', 'free speech' and of course their banking system.

Comment by 'Made by the USA in the name of Democracy: 'They hate us for our freedom'..!

#Vietnam, All of #Africa, #Iraq, #Syria #Libya #Afghanistan #Serbia #Ukraine all of Central #America most of South America, even the indigenous people of the #USA itself..!'


  1. OK. We hear you. We understand everything that you understand. Many of us never wanted Bush and Cheney to invade your country. Can you believe that little man? Many, many of us. So we elected Obama because he swore he wanted to get our military out of your country. So he did. He honored the agreement Bush made with Iraq and got all of them out. That is as close to what I originally wanted (remember I didn't want my country to invade your country to begin with?) to begin with. Right? So we got out. But now, that is no good as well because it is America's fault that Iraq put together a Shia dominated government. Right? It is America's fault that that government abused the Sunni minority, right? It is America that has to learn about every religious factional bloodmfeuds in every country right? No. wrong. America should have never invaded Iraq. Remember that?
    So what can I do now? If I could, I would go back in time (knowing all I know now) and somehow change fate. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lybia --- if Imhad my way, I'd go back and kill my ancestors so they would not have invaded Massachusetts in 1654, but hen I would not exist to go back and fix all that. So I cannot go back in time. Let me ask you, maybe you know... what can I do? (Aside from being sorry for all the shit that happened that I never wanted to happen because who will accept my apology? You? If I was you, I wouldn't accept an apology for all the death, fear hatred, Religeos blood feuds, bombs, money, oil, pollution, political mistakes. Apologies won't fix anything. Apologies are met with cynicism. Just the same, I didn't do it, I tried to stop it by telling everyone I knew that it was a huge mistake that will perpetuate fear and hatred for generations to come. I stopped paying taxes. I did everything I could except --- I will not hate my country. There is more to my country than the governments that come and go. I retain the same last name as my ancestor who came here from England in 1654. I am America. I will not hate myself. In fact I will not hate anyone. No one can make me hate. It stops with me. That is all a man can do... not perpetuate the mindset that began the madness of humanity thousands of years ago. All down through history, peoples and countries and cultures have all traded sides as the Loser and winner. Time will reverse our roles over and over. In that time, al a man of conscience can do is express himself and never, ever hate another man. That is the only way to stop the madness. Together.

    1. It's much simpler than you described, no need to go back in time, just live the reality and do the following simple steps:
      1) Spread the truth among your friends, community and online. This is as simple as clicking the share button on social media and here's a source of info for you beside this blog:

      2) Go on mainstream media and engage in discussions related to the subject, you can do so from the comfort of your home.

      3) Participate, if you don't want to initiate, in campaigns and petitions calling for the protection of criminals who led this carnage and who turned US men into criminals sending them overseas to kill and get killed and wounded.

      4) Write to your senator and demand explanations about their votes and the next steps they are willing to take to avoid similar Interventions in the future. Also, threat them of giving your vote to their competitors even from other parties if they are still pushing for further Interventions.

      5) Raise funds and look for reliable legal charity houses who can deliver your aid to the victims of your country's interventions. A $100 can assist a family of 4 for a full month in a victim country like Syria, whom their father and bread earner was killed by your country's mercenaries.

      6) Ask God for forgiveness, especially for not heavily participating previously against global interventions by your country.



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