Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kurds Are a Religion?!

The Zionists used Judaism religion as their only uniting factor in order to displace millions of Jews worldwide from their homes to the 'promised land' in occupied Palestine. They persecuted Jews living in ghettos worldwide to force them to flee when those Jews decided not to leave the lands of their fathers and move to a land promised to other people in the Holy books as if they were the ones concerned.

I won't waste my time now going through this again, however, a photo shared on social media caught my attention.

Copying the exact same methods to carve out an independent state for part of the population of a sovereign nation is only the works of the imperial powers to assist them steal further riches from targeted nations, as if all what was stolen, and still is being, is not enough.

The image above tells us that Kurds is a religion, or a sect of a religion comparing with the others printed on the placards carried by the said to be soldiers of the Iraqi Army.

'I'm a Kurd, I'm a Sunni, I'm a Shiite, I'm a Christian' the signs are telling. While throughout my life I used to know that Kurds were majorly Sunni Muslims, late martyr Mohammad Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti killed by Wahhabi FSA terrorists in Damascus was a Sunni top scholar, so was Saladdin a Sunni scholar and leader of Islamic nation, this is a new one to me. Let's leave aside that Christians are some 70 or more divisions themselves and here are shown as one vs. Sunni and Shiite which are two sects and not different religions of the same Islam.

While there are thousands of Arab Jews worldwide, in 'Israel' they segregate in their media Jews from all others including Arabs, so you're a Jew or an Arab!!

In Kurdistan, similarly, you're either a Kurd or a Sunni, as this image tells us.

Late top Islamic scholar Imam Ghazali once said: 'It's not necessary to be a traitor to serve your enemy, it's enough to be a fool.'

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