Monday, May 6, 2013

Comment on Foreign Policy Blog re Israeli Raid on Damascus

Western mainstream media moved, in part, from direct propaganda to passive propaganda, which is smart, one can't deny, but for more than 2 years they didn't learn yet that Syrians can't be fooled like their normal audience abroad, and their old tricks don't work any more. Instead of direct accusations they're now mocking Syrian government's statements, and a blog post on Foreign Policy under titled That awkward moment when ... Israel launches airstrikes in Syria, is one of them attempts and earned my below comment as a reply:

'Those calling for immediate response will get one if such raid is repeated, this one will get responded to at a certain time that pains most. Let's read history: 1967 till 5 October 1973, the Israeli air forces were flying all over the nearby Arabian states, out of a sudden, Syria and Egypt decides to launch a war and Israeli jets are shot down like flies and in bulk.

2000 till 2006, Israel beefing up its army and its Iron Dome (Doom as Gaza fighters call it) and was ready to take out Hizbullah after collecting all the intel it needed from its agents, Israel launches a war, Hizbullah 33 years day later fire rockets that no Dome stops and one tiny one of them takes out 18 IDF terrorists from its best Whining Brigades sorry Golani Brigades (, and Condi runs to ask for a cease fire, imagine these rockets has grown up 7 years..

2 weeks and the Syrian state will collapse, 2 months, 6 months, end of the year, second year is over and? SAA takes the initiative and sweep clean large portions of 'Alqaeda Strongholds' in Qussayr countryside securing borders with Lebanon, securing hundreds of kilometers of the international road from Hama to Idleb to Aleppo countryside (securing = cleansing from suicide bombers).. 

Israel has to step in allegedly to stop shipments of weapons to Hizbullah just months ago Hizb's leader said that they have all they need for a long confrontation with the Zionist state, so claiming they're attacking a missile shipment is another 9/11 or Iraqi mobile WMDs farces..

What this article is trying to imply that the Syrian state will use this as a proof, well yes, they were repeating the same since day one that this is no 'peaceful revolution', peaceful revolutions don't throw post office workers off roof tops, they don't slit throats, decapitate and parade heads of the infidels over rural towns, don't attack airports, anti-air defense units, don't suicide bomb ministries, mosques, or churches, peaceful revolutions do not dig graves of people buried 1400 years ago and move it to 'unmarked places'.

Peaceful protesters do not shoot down airplanes with chants, don't attack universities with mortars, and do not use chemical weapons against residential neighborhoods, which was claimed to be done by the SAA until just today the UN investigators believe it's done by the FSA (Free from Syrians Army: 40,000 Wahhabi Sex Jihadists coming from all sides of the world, ask UN envoy Ibrahimi).. That's no peaceful protesters who usually don't use weapons made by Israel in their attacks, financed by US and the beacons of democracy and free speech the Saudis and the Empire of Qatar, and peaceful protesters certainly don't consume hundreds of thousands of (Captagon pills) drugs, and for sure they don't kidnap bishops one week before Eastern Easter.

The raid proved one version right and so many versions wrong, you connect the dots.

'They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable' 
Vietnam, USS Liberty, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia (btw, 263,000 Somalians died last year of famine, not important for you), Sudan, Libya (LIBYA, BENGHAZI, AMBASSADOR KILLED).. and the list continues as long as you're in denial.

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