Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Comments on The Economist's Article: 'The Syrian catastrophe gets even more horrific'

After Boston's bombing and the lock down of an entire city for the search of one individual suspected to be behind the bombing, suspected to be armed with a personal gun, the US and all its allies has shown the rest of the world how they handle terrorists on the loose, now apply this to Syria and instead of an individual working on his own with a personal gun, imagine groups of Al-Qaeda well trained terrorists and backed by NATO logistically, weapons and even food and money! And imagine them in numbers of 40,000 per the UN special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi, or 120,000 per the more realistic estimates of foreign 'Wahhabi Sex Jihadists' going to blow everything on their way and themselves up to receive 70 male or female virgins in the life hereafter!

Ok, stop imagining and back to reality, why the west needs to arm Al-Qaeda is the question, why did it already arm and why they're supporting it in Syria as they supported in Libya but they fought it in Afghanistan and Mali for instance? Obama even killed own citizens with drones in Yemen, a father and a teenage child for allegedly being from Al-Qaeda?! It's not secret that Syria is on the target list of the neo-cons in the US regime since a very long time due to the strategic geopolitical location of this country and its ability to disturb US's hegemony in the entire Middle East, which was proved in the humiliating withdrawal of US troops from Lebanon in 1983 after 140 Marines were killed in one blast in Beirut, and the more humiliating defeat and withdrawal in Iraq in 2011 after the US lost more than 17,000 troops which they do not admit but there're families who filed more than this number of cases to receive compensations and aid, and much more of mercenaries from BlackWaters and co.. 

Anyways, now that the US and its stooges have set new standards in international law and relations between countries by arming opposition groups of other countries, wait until there's any civil disobedience movement in any NATO country and see how many countries out there will have to assist such movements with all types of what the US and its stooges are assisting Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria. I can count at least 40 countries wanting to pay back the US citizens what they inflicted on them. Syria, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Somalia, Egypt, Lebanon, North Korea, the entire Latin America and some central America countries.

Come on NATO member citizens, 'Arab Spring' your governments stealing your lives for the past 6 decades and taking you to wars overseas in your names killing your own sons so their corporations will have more markets, start calling for your rights and the world will help you achieve freedom, at least nobody will be sending you Al-Qaeda mercenaries like your regimes have done and doing now.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart,
it's because you're foolable.
- Arabi Souri
Link to the Economist article and my comments: Click Here

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