Monday, January 21, 2013

Egyptian Pharaoh Fools His Simple Followers

'So he bluffed his people, and they obeyed him' Holy Quran 43:54 

God describes how pharaoh of Egypt bluffed his people when challenging prophet Moses with tangible materials comparing to Moses's miracles and pharaoh's people believed him then and now pharaoh Morsis's people are believing him seeing in him the promised caliph nobody promised them before. 

The new types of presidents
The Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization founded by the SIS (the former MI6 or British foreign intelligence) in 1929 in Egypt with a main goal to distort Islam from within, based on the success of the establishment of the Al Saud forces known as the Ikhwan Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood) Warriors in Arabia in helping Abdul Aziz Al Saud become the king there using the preaching of a scholar called Muhammad Ben Abdul Wahhab who created the Wahhabi religion using the most extreme interpretation of Islamic teaching in Quran & prophet Muhammad's Sunnah (life practices taught to his companions) changing the image of Islam from a tolerance religion to a hatred and bloody one.

Arab Spring was meant to use the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization's political wing as puppet regimes to replace the secular puppet regimes in the Arab World and the west was very adventurous in trying to apply the same on secular regimes and failed like in Syria and Algeria so far, where in Syria they had to show their real ugly faces using their military wing Al Qaeda aka Free Syria Army.

Arab Spring
To be able to manipulate the masses the Muslim Brotherhood and their enablers had to address the simple and less fortunate in education from the poor rural communities using all methods of deception including using religion in the ugliest ways ever.

Morsi emptying the mosque so he can pray before the camera
Praying should be among the people and without barriers, but seems these Islamists have no problem in emptying the mosque so they can pray before the cameras to prove how devoted they are! 

Remember how George W Bush told his 'followers' he's sent by God? No difference here.

During a gathering in Alexandria while the pharaoh of Egypt, as so many Egyptian activists call him after his new constitution consolidating all powers in his hands, the time for Isha (late evening) prayer was due and in an obvious show off someone called on the pharaoh it was due for prayers and the latter 'humbly' asked: Azan (call for prayers)? Go ahead.. You want me to call (for prayers)?! And the trick worked with the crowd. Watch: 

Even during the very old days of Muslim Caliphs, it was known that caliphs didn't call for prayers, however many of them lead the prayers after the calling by someone else. Superficial Islamists nowadays know nothing except what their enablers taught them.

They fool you, they keep fooling you & they enjoy fooling you,
not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable


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