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It's a new shape of ruling communities, being in work since early Twentieth century by the British intelligence agencies and whoever took control since then of the Islamists (extreme anti-Islam movement from within Islam).

It was found out that small group of elite thinkers can control huge crowds of masses by using religion against them, twisting some of its preaching in order to give supreme power to the small group of elite by giving extreme interpretations of specific idle verses and prophet Muhammad's Hadith to ban questioning of instructions from the elite to masses and give those elite the power to label their competitors and enemies as 'infidels' thus justify their killing per those interpretations introduced.

Twisting the preaches of Allah (God) in his holy book the Quran and through Hadith (the words) of his prophet Muhammad is by itself a blasphemy in Islam and who does this is to be punished with extreme punishment which is death if he does not repent because of what would occur from such twisting and manipulation. 

Is that a rifle?
It is not only related to Islam, other religions and old communities teachings were also manipulated to justify and further political or financial goals, it is well known the two main manipulations of Judaism which harmed this religion so much are the Zionist movement and the Talmud book, both manipulating the preaching of Judaism and prophet Moses to political, financial and community earnings. Signs of such manipulations were also found in Hammurabi's law, Greek methodology and lots others.

If you love someone you'd try to appear like him, was the base of Muslim scholars to appear in the shape prophet Muhammad used to look like as described by Hadith narrators, mainly in loosing the beard and shaving the mustache,  not giving any importance to how his manners or preaching were, not even to the main fact that he didn't have a loose his beard rather had a short neat one and shaving the mustache was part of the strict hygiene Islam emphasizes on, the anti-Islam scholars concentrated on these looks to further their political goals with the help of British intelligence officers. Shave the mustache, loose the beard and you become accepted as a Muslim Scholar, you don't need to memorize the whole Quran or learn lots of Hadith, just few verses are enough as long as you have that shape with your facial hair.. This unfortunately worked with simple common Muslim communities due to centuries of living under occupation and misery forced upon them by the Ottomans and European crusaders.

Islamists in the Egyptian Parliament post Mubarak
Growing their beards and shaving their mustaches, the US Central Intelligence Agency along with the MI6, their British counterpart, managed to present the Muslim Brotherhood scholars falsely as the defenders of the correct Islam, while they were actually agents of anti-Islam agenda, willingly in general and unwillingly in some very few cases. By organizing their movement, financing it, training them and marketing them, the CIA & MI6 managed to present finally, after decades of preparations, their agents as the rulers of Islam, taking control of important Arabic countries in North Africa like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and pushing them in the Levant unto Syria, Jordan, Iraq, recently Lebanon, then Yemen in the Arabic Peninsula and of course the GCC.

Scholar Muhammad Hassan wants 80 million bearded in Egypt
Those with shaved mustaches and long messy beards have brought the world their new version of autocracy and dictatorship under the guise of democracy introducing what will be called: Beardocracy.

Salafi - another shape of Muslim Brotherhood - gay kiss
Homosexuality is very much prohibited in Islam, by the way.. 

A gogo bar singer with a gay kiss to a Salafi scholar in Lebanon
Some would argue that there are scholars with beards but not harmful, it's not about the scholar having a beard, it's about the scholar controlling the masses with his beard, guiding them in the hatred road instead of forgiveness and peace.

yeah, you know him, and you definitely remember his leader
Remember, since they're agents of CIA & MI6 and they're the enemies of real Islam, their main goal is to try to ruin the beautiful image of Islam into a bad, undesirable, extremist one full of hatred and harm.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart,
it's because you're foolable

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