Sunday, September 9, 2012

Al Arabiya News Channel Controls Information

We always complained about mainstream media not being unbiased and on the contrary they moved from being biased, to warmongering to an unimaginable level which is creating news.. Our post CNN Knew About September 11 Attacks 16 Hours Earlier sheds a light on how a CNN crew collaborated with the terrorists in blowing up an oil pipe-line in Baba Amro, Homs last year when the area was still under control of the terrorists aka FSA 'Free Syrian Army' aka Freedom Fighters, best known as Al Qaeda.

Yesterday a terrible war crime against humanity was committed by the NATO supported terrorists, FSA's Tawhid Brigade blew up a main fresh drinking water pipe in Aleppo, the largest Syrian city, the water pipe feeds more 2 major neighborhoods and cutting it until it's fixed affects more than 3 million human beings.

Aleppo is not a water rich city, the entire Middle East is not water rich, and among the Syrian cities Aleppo was the most thirsty city all times. Blowing up this main fresh drinking water pipe in the end of the summer when no rain is expected before one more month is a real catastrophe. Haven't these criminals committed enough catastrophic crimes already?

The criminals bragged about their crime in a YouTube video clip which disappeared later on but some of their sympathizers kept posting, one Syrian activist group known to download all the terrorists videos for analyzing kept a copy and uploaded it yesterday, within 2 hours of the first upload, and I made a copy here because it will be definitely removed by YouTube moderators: 

I said "before YouTube 'community standards' watchers remove it" because they removed a video I found on one of their  channels, I just added English translation (cc captions) and uploaded it again to my channel, the same video exactly with the same length and there's no copyright for it as it was aired on many news channels as well, but that's a different story, in case you're interested in following it up you can check this post on my google+ page: (

Now back to blowing up the fresh drinking water pipe in Aleppo, today pan Arab Al Arabiya news channel, owned by a Saudi prince, posted a news post on its Facebook Page accusing the Syrian Army of blowing the same pipe by airplanes..! Well, since we have the evidence, the video clip, I tried to comment there on the same post that this was done by the FSA terrorists and here is the proof, but I found out that I was banned from commenting because of a similar incident at the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, so I sent the link to some friends and they managed to post it in comments: 

As you can clearly see, an activist posted the link to the YouTube video and accusing Al Arabiya of lying at (5 minutes ago), while the post time stamp says (28 minutes ago). The comment was deleted and another activist commented in the same time frame, 14 minutes after the post was posted but the first comment doesn't appear: 

As you can see in the above image, the activist posted the last comment appearing and the time stamp says (17 minutes ago) while the post itself was (31 minutes ago), that's 14 minutes after Al Arabiya published their post. 5 minutes later the admin of the Al Arabiya News Facebook Page removed the comment along with other comments, because it simply reveals who actually blew up the water pipe and not who Al Arabiya says did it.. 

At time stamp (59 minutes ago) there's no comments any more: 

Does this tell you anything? They control what the news into the narrative that suits their goals, and in this case the goal is, as it was since day one of the Syrian crisis, demonize the Syrian government and especially the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad to justify a foreign intervention, a 'humanitarian intervention' as the USA like to call it, because of all the atrocities committed in Syria and blamed on the Syrian legitimate government. If this doesn't wake you up, check the CNN post mentioned at the beginning of this post, and if that also didn't wake you up then there's nothing on Earth can wake you up.

Democracy will come in the shape of 'humanitarian intervention'..

'They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable'

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  1. It is about the worst type of terrorism and a very stupid one, after the un deniebla proof against the perpetrators. This is Obama and his AlQuaeda partners at their best. The filming must be used and presented at the UN, somehow; because of its un deniable Human Rights value.



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