Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Misleading Media on Syria - Shaping Public Opinion - 11

Under the title: Misleading Media on Syria - Shaping Public Opinion, I aim to post a few examples of how the NATO aligned mainstream media is used to systematically shape public opinion by fabricating, misleading, dis-informing and deliberately manipulating in order to further the goal of theirs paymasters.

I endeavor to show irrefutable evidence of incidents that occurred while the NATO media was playing a huge role in demonizing the Syrian state, its army, its police & security forces, even normal people who just didn't support the NATO imposed 'spontaneous public uprising' on them. These examples, aired by media channels based inside Syria, have caused these channels to be banned by the same parties preaching Syrians 'democracy' & 'free speech'. On December 05, 2011 the European Union ministers of foreign affairs convened to come up with a decision that will stain their foreign policy & label them hypocrites forever. They decided to ban a number of Syrian based channels, namely Addounia  the privately owned satellite channel, Champress a privately owned website & Al Watan Newspaper a privately owned newspaper. And not surprisingly the Arab League, (a formation representing the governments of the Arab World, with the exception of Syria) issued an order on September 05, 2012 to 2 satellite management companies, Nilesat & Arabsat, sponsored by the League, to take down Syrian State satellite TV, Syria News another state owned satellite channel & Addounia TV the privately owned channel from air, for no publicly stated logical reason. But perhaps this is the real reason:

Exhibit no. 11: Public opinion VS Imperialists 
Why Did Al Qaeda FSA Leave Yarmouk Camp Hastily? 

Al Qaeda works for Israel - Video with English subtitles (turn cc on)

In each act the Syrian Oppositions take outside Syria in international arenas or by their Al Qaeda FSA terrorists inside the country they prove their program and whose orders they follow, and the irony is they don't like to be called traitors and servants of Israel..!

As a Syrian citizen myself, I call on them if they are not traitors to prove they're not and stop proving they are, we have enough overwhelming evidences to show their real loyalty, the types of targets they choose, the acts they follow and their ultimate goal in establishing sectarian based enclaves they call Islamist (not Islamic) Emirates just to justify the existence of a Jewish state on the occupied lands of Palestine, since it would look very strange to have a racist based entity in a secular environment.

Al Qaeda - Jabhat Al Nusra - Abu Sayyaf - Jamaat Islamiyeh - Boko Haram - FSA
whatever you like, they're always there where NATO needs them
Weapons of Mass Deception: 
Weapons of Mass Deception
You, please remove the umbrella:
They fool you, they keep fooling you & they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart,
It's because you're foolable.

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