Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You Are Fooled One More Time

We were told also that the regime has changed the names of some cities to confuse the observers, moved some neighborhoods to nearby cities, brought the Euphrates river from Der Ezzor to Daraa and might have switched countries with Iran so the observers are physically now in Tehran thinking they are in Damascus..!

Over 65,000 videos 'activists' have uploaded claiming Army is 'shelling' cities and 'peaceful protesters', not a single video out of all of these 65,000 shows actually a tank shelling 'peaceful protesters'..!

Do you have an idea how many times the same rubbish claim was used over the past 10 months and proved false? Let's try to count some:

1) Tanks shelling Daraa City & Daraa suburb near borders with Jordan, also shelled the Omari Mosque - Not a single projectile trace found in the city after the army left it! The mosque also is intact..

2) Tanks shelling Tal Kalakh near Homs and have leveled the city - not a single house was found hit by a tank shelling.

3) Baniyas is being shelled by tanks surrounding it from all sides - false.

4) Tanks shelling Jisr Shoghour and destroying the city building after another.. - was found that over 120 security officers were killed in cold blood and their building was attacked by over 400 armed terrorists sneaked from Turkey.

5) Tanks shelling Bu Kamal at the borders with Iraq - Totally false.

6) Tanks shelling Hama city, it even leveled the Horani hospital - Horani hospital is still intact and no traces of tanks shelling.

7) Raml Refugee Camp in Latakkia coastal city is being shell by navy ships - total fake and the camp is very much vibrant and alive.

8) Der Ezzor city being shelled by tanks - rubbish and false.

9) Now in Homs two neighborhoods Bab Sibaa & Baba Amro are being shelled by tanks for over 2 months!! - If the Syrian army was shelling the UK with the same intense shelling the 'activists' are claiming it would finish it within 6 weeks, let alone 2 neighborhoods in a city of 1.5 million citizens!!!! 

Unfortunately, most of the major news channels copy paste the same news based on 'Activists' stories using a sick justification that they are not allowed to report from within the country, and these 'activists' are not credible neither their news like the examples above, we can add that mostly they report numbers and whenever they report a name it turns out totally fake, Zainab Al Hosny is an example, Gay Girl in Damascus is another, Hamza Khatib as well and so many other cases.. In one instance the MSMs took the names of police officers who were promoted and their names were published in a Police periodic and claimed all of them 13 officers were killed by the regime for refusing to shoot at protesters, the Syrian state tv made interviews with all officers from a constable to a brigadier in police..! That's when they provide names, otherwise it's only numbers.

After all of this, we still find people believing the same stories used by NATO allied Mainstream Media to justify invading and destroying Iraq (WMDs), Afghanistan (9/11 & the caveman story who brought down 2 towers in NY and a 3rd that went down in solidarity), Libya and the will of Gaddafi to kill his own people and the fear of a massacre that might result in over 5,000 civilians getting killed so the NATO voluntarily killed over 60,000 and some sources talk about over 120,000!! Now Syria..

Once someone said: "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.." I wonder how many times they'll keep on fooling you.

Above comment was sent to BBC News in reply to an article published there and can be found here in case the free press country decides to approve publishing it: Syria unrest: Protest in Homs as peace monitors arrive

Now you are entitled to watch Dr. David Duke's message on Syria:

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