Monday, December 26, 2011

A Letter to The Turkish People from the Syrian People

This was initially posted as a comment to an article on Today Zaman Newspaper website - not approved till the minute this post is written:

Ask PM Erdogan why he did this to the relations between the two countries? Why is he serving US interests in the region and ignoring Turkish people interests? Who benefited from destroying 8 years of building good relations with Syria in 8 months?! The Ottoman Empire is gone, so get over it.. All previous empires have gone. 

Ask him why did he get involved & get his country involved in Syria's internal matters from hosting the Syrian proved terrorist opposition while Syria doesn't host PKK fighters, imposing sanctions on Syria that is harming the people in both Syria & in Turkey, asking Syrian president Assad to form a government headed by a Muslim Brotherhood member and half of the ministers from the same terrorist group that is well known by Syrians for detonating car bombs?!

Remove the Muslim Brotherhood govt from Turkey, hold them accountable to the chaos, deaths in Syria as well as destroying the relations with the country that opened its doors wide open for Turkish people and opened the entire Arab gate for you.. Let's open a new page of cooperation and mutual benefits and leave USA, you don't need to be a slave for the country who is leaving the region after their crimes in Iraq and later their withdrawal after a humiliating defeat in Iraq. 

Stop the war media propaganda against Syrian govt, you know it's all lies because you are the biggest contributer to the killings in Syria, if you don't, we Syrians will never forget and we will never forgive you.

Think about it: you belong to this region, not to Europe they refused you rudely, not to USA they use you and will throw you.. You don't have good relations with any of your neighbors now." 

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