Thursday, December 22, 2011

So Many Questions You Should Ask About What's Happening in Syria

Why we never see the source of fire and only hear sounds then suddenly people running when such amateur videos are played? And why when ''hundreds' protest they sing and dance and jump with no shooting at all?!
Why the voice is always added to the video and not coming with the same actors running and shouting? Why out of a sudden USA & other NATO members are concerned about the safety of people in the Middle East and North Africa while it was supporting dictators like Mubarak of Egypt, Ben Ali of Tunisia since ever, and Gaddafi at least since 2003? Why out of a sudden USA & other NATO members care for the civilians of a foe country which is not under their hegemony? Why such foe countries never had 'oppression or crack downs' except when it's convenient for the USA to cover its humiliating withdrawal from Iraq?

So many questions, but as facts it's worth mentioning:
The Syrian & Iranian (witnessed similar events in 2009) governments are out of the US hegemony in the MENA region, both countries have been foes for israel since a very long time, thus automatically since they're enemies with israel they became enemies of the USA (don't see any connection except AIPAC lobbying the US administration).. 

Why a country having severe economic problems back home would spend billions to destabilize countries overseas like the case of NATO including of course USA and nowadays trying to destabilize Syria?

Any reliable source of all reported 'civilian deaths' except some vague Human Rights organizations that are not even inside Syria and they as they state depend on phone calls with other 'Activists' inside that they fail to give real names for the fear of the regime!! If they are being killed, why afraid of just giving the names to make their killing worthwhile? If even the callers are inside Syria themselves!

How about replacing: Civilian Death, like in this report with Armed Gangs of Terrorists or Insurgents being killed while attacking security and army posts inside Syria from across the borders from Turkey and Lebanon, isn't this more acceptable to justify the army killing their own families!! After all the Syrian army and security forces are not imported from another country, they are from the same people alleged killing, so it kinda sound silly, doesn't it? Especially if we find out that defection from the Syrian Army despite all media distortion, seducing, trying to bribe..etc. despite all of this the defection didn't get more than 3,500 at their best estimates by NATO officials, which consists less than 1% of the 560,000 army strong! norms of defections of armies in normal days in any country is between 5% & 8%, how about a country pictured to you as entirely in chaos?!!!

If you have more questions feel free to ask me, check my profile and visit my blog, my FB page.. wherever if you like to hear the real deal and not a warmongering deal to justify a redo of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Panama, Nicaragua... the list goes on and on.

The above was our comment on an article that appeared on The Washington Post with Foreign Policy:

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