Thursday, December 22, 2011

FoxNews Doing What It Does Best: Warmongering & Lying

Our comments on a FoxNews article claiming a massacre of 100 civilians killed in North West Syria, just correcting some of their info:

Since one of your 'Activists' reported the massacre, take this additional info from another 'Activist' but this time from people actually living inside Syria and not in London reporting on Syria:

The so called massacre did happen, and a huge number was killed but some correction: first the number of those killed were between 200 and 250, still awaiting the final result because a lot were badly injured and fled to a field hospital inside Turkey.

Second: the killed and the injured were actually civilians but the type your own country claims to be fighting, ie Terrorists, armed civilians living in camps and launching attacks on civilian villages, but fortunately this time instead of massacring the real civilians living there, the army intercepted their plan, created a neat trap for them and when these 'armed civilians' or if you like 'freedom fighters' or better described 'insurgents and terrorists'', and the two cities to be targeted were: Idleb (the border province center) and Jisr Al Shoghour (a border city which witnessed the massacre of 120 security officers back in April earlier this year. The intercepted plan was supposed to have these insurgents who came in high numbers to both these cities at once and try to occupy major government buildings including police, security and army posts, commit a massacre and blame the Syrian army for it, then announcing one of these two cities or both as 'liberated' areas and call for international protection!! Does it ring a bell? Well, if it doesn't then you have a very thick brain, it's a Libya 2.0 and a Benghazi style: No Fly Zone, international protection, then launching an aggression on the country under the guise of 'Protecting Civilians' by bombing them and ending with a devastated country, and if 120,000 were killed in Libya that has a population of 5 Million living in distance cities due to the desert nature of Libya, imagine the numbers in Syria which is much smaller in size (approx 1/10 of Libya) with a population of 23 million.

If you want to understand what is really happening in Syria think of replacing few words like: 'peaceful protesters' with 'armed gangs of insurgents', 'Activists' with 'Warmongers', 'Responsibility to Protect Civilians' with 'Responsibility to Kill Civilians', 'USA has a role to police the world' with 'USA launched wars worldwide for the interest of the 1% bankers and warlords' and you will regain your brain back.

It's not the first time though, think WMDs in Iraq, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Panama, Libya, Afghanistan and the cavemen who bombed the 2 towers plus tower 7 that collapsed in solidarity with its mates.. 

Weirdly, FoxNews comments needs to be moderated before posted!! However, in case our above comment is approved it should appear here:

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