Monday, December 19, 2011

The War on Iraq a Success - Crazy Obama

Crazy people launch crazy wars just to lose it later at very high costs, president Barack Obama declared the war on Iraq a success (Read), so was it?

Nobody wages a war outside their borders and expects to win it unless of course you are introducing civilization to the uncivilized, and you lose a war when you fail to achieve its goals to start with, so what were the goals exactly of the war on Iraq and let's see how successful it was?

1) Destroying a sovereign nation and its entire infrastructure including: industrial, transportation, electricity, fresh water and drainage system, farming, education...? Success.

2) Killing scores of people & injuring others? more than a million Iraqi killed & injured and over 4.5 million displaced internally and over neighboring countries. Thousands of orphan children.

3) Sacrificing thousands of US troops? 5,000 killed 'admitted' and tens of thousands injured, worth noting that an injury starts from a wound to losing limbs, eyes, part of bodies.. etc. Add to them the psychological effects throughout the lifetime of the soldiers witnessing battles and killed friends.

4) Wasting billions of Dollars most needed to avoid an economic crisis? Success, or over success, it was in trillions. 

5) Robbing very valuable antiques from ancient civilizations that existed on that land? Success.

6) Creating enemies for the US citizens and their children? Success, most of those who lost loved ones will have a lifetime hatred towards anything American and will most probably pass it on to their children.

7) Removing Saddam Hussein? Success, after all he was their own CIA asset, and they could have ordered him out and he'd leave.

8) Installing a puppet regime? At the press conference Obama of USA and Maliki of Iraq, that latter rejected every single US instruction including a mandate for thousands of US troops on the ground with judicial immunity, free air space for USAF, imposing sanctions on Syria, even on that Iraq instead opened its doors widely for Syrian economic to absorb sanctions effects on that country...

Plus so many other things including polluting the planet from explosions, extra usage of fuel oil, leaving a crippled corrupted economy, placing seeds of sectarian strife among people..

What did this war gain? Read this portion of the estimated cost: 

Look at the following photos with some facts from "Acidcow Website"

Eliminate extreme poverty around the world (cost $135 billion per year) for 14 years.

Ensure developing countries have enough money to fight the AIDS epidemic (cost $15 billion per year) for over 133 years.

Pay for healthcare for every US citizen ($100 billion per year) for 20 years.

 Achieve universal literacy (cost $5 billion a year) for 400 years.

Give every American $6,600 each. 

With 2 trillion dollars you could buy out America's supply of bacon for the next 1000 years.

And that's not all of course.

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