Monday, December 19, 2011

USA Disconnected Leaders

"If they want to push us around, we'll push back" marks another nail in the coffin of US hegemony on the world's political system. The strong words from the softer guy of two leading Russia came as a warning to his US counterpart Obama who is either disconnected and didn't realize yet that his country is already being pushed back worldwide, or playing dumb like all his administration officials.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president is considered more moderate than his partner Vladimir Putin, Russia's strongman, former president, current prime minister and most likely next president of Russia. Such words coming from the moderate leader hides much more stronger stance by others in the powerful coming back of Russia to the world equation.

Maybe Obama's administration needs a reminder of the recent set-backs and defeats it took to realize how much its role has dwarfed and that it's heading to its normal size if not inline for the coming collapse. Read our post on the West Winter (Is Obama regime next? The Arab Spring, the West Winter).

* The humiliating defeat in Iraq with the extremely high cost on US's side as well as Iraqi, knowing the impact of this defeat on the political and military positions, and its speedy low profile withdrawal. Although Obama considered it a success, but knowing how arrogance the US officials are and how disconnected they are to reality might help explain why (Was The War on Iraq a Success?).

* The Iranian's control and superiority over CIA's most advanced drone plane, landing it and deciphering its codes, a very advanced step towards controlling covert US operations, slapping the US and its allies in what they used to brag about. The US officials denial of the Iranian's statement of capturing the drone, then they had to admit that they lost the plane but also denied it was in one piece with the Iranians, then after Iran showed the plane and instead of apologizing, they call on Iran to hand back the plane to them! Being disconnected, might as well say crazy is the US position while one Iranian comic drew it the way they and the rest of the world saw it:

"Please give me back my plane" 

* The economic crisis that hit the entire west and especially NATO allies at the same time the non-NATO camp is advancing and emerging as growing economical powers, namely: Russia, China, India and Brasil. Add to it the amount of public debt the US government is under, and the deteriorating public services from education to healthcare to having half of the US citizens officially poor, that triggered the Occupy movement and will not end despite the brutal crackdown of Obama's regime and the total denial in his media while the EU is seeing country after another collapsing and threatening the EURO and the EU's very existing.

* The intelligence defeat of the CIA in 3 countries, Lebanon, Iran and Syria and the capture of tens of CIA planted agents crippled the US, NATO and their allies in the region's power of influence, the operation dubbed Blue Jasmine and Its tremors felt in the whole region, was just the tip of the iceberg that contained much more set-backs and failures in the US covert operations in the whole Middle East and beyond.

* The biggest fail is happening as we speak in Syria, the small country in size and the giant in geo-political influence to reach far angles of the entire world, the fail to replace the existing ruling government in Syria with a puppet regime that follows the west which is almost over now despite the enormous funding and media propaganda, will send the rest of the US hegemony a decade or more back.

To be able to preserve its position in the world, the USA should come clear, admits its defeat and make peace with all its victims by asking forgiveness and compensating them the same what it compensated its own victims of alleged terror attacks. Then build new relations with each country on the basis of equality and mutual respect instead of looking down on countries that in reality look down at the USA itself. The USA should reconsider its relations with the aggressive state 'israel' and base its policies on the US citizen's own interest instead of the interest of this parasite apartheid racist state.

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