Friday, December 9, 2011

Is Obama Regime Next? The Arab Spring, The West Winter

Colored revolutions have spread among many countries across the world, empowered after the collapse of the Soviet Union and gained momentum post the Ukrainian Orange Revolution, ruling authorities throughout the world collapsed and a New World Order was in sight.

We'll not get into a discussion of the NWO and the 'Conspiracy Theory' that people whisper regarding it, a fact that it was mentioned by George Bush Sr. in a speech back on September 11, 1990 (I can see some eyebrows rise re 9/11) -watch, was a first step in the march towards a Universal Government that manages the resources of the world, enslave the masses, and report only to few, some say it might be the 'Bilderberg Club' or Free Mason or whatever, the fact is it's in process and now it's gaining motion in the Middle East under the label The Arab Spring.

Of the main factors western think tanks fail to include in their plots thus having their plans fail we can name the culture of target societies, history and accumulated civilization. Why that is important? Western Think Tanks usually build plans not on a basis of continuation rather every group in such 'tanks' build from scratch, people in societies targeted by plots of these thinkers are not all at the same level of memory, accumulated history of civilization and religious knowledge. People tend to forget when they don't read their own history, but not all forget, when dealing with a newly created society is easy, societies with civilization history are much more difficult, that's a reason why colored revolutions failed in Iran 2009, and in Syria 2011, while it worked in other societies.

In Syria there's a proverb the public use which says: the cook of the poison usually tastes it. This can apply as well in politics as it applies in cooking poison:

USA thought it planned its process of the NWO in the Middle East dubbed the Arab Spring very well especially after its huge failure in Iran 2009, but it crippled at its most complicated knot, Syria, they wanted to apply their planning where they succeeded, taken by their enthusiasm after the falling of Mubarak in Egypt, Ben Ali in Tunisia, the NATO led campaign in Libya and more momentum after the killing of Gaddafi there, they wanted to apply the same method in Syria.

At the beginning of events in Syria, we said that Syria is different so don't mess with it, and those planners and plotters were so cocky they refused to listen, well now it's too late, the failure is big, the masks have to fall because the stakes are high, if they win in Syria, their plan gets back on track, and they can get back to Iraq and continue towards oil in the Gulf, if they ultimately confess they failed in Syria, and they did, their entire plan is set back at least a full decade.

Failing in Syria doesn't come free, you don't plot in Syria and fail then don't expect there won't be a price paid, the price is as big as the plot was, it was mentioned somewhere that almost a $100 Billion were set for Syria's plot, elsewhere it was mentioned that the civilian deaths price would be near quarter a million, also some mentioned that 49 countries and its agencies were involved someway or another in the plot; as you see the price allotted was big, thus the price to be paid is as big if not bigger. I'm sure more eyebrows are raised now regarding the information I just mentioned, 49 countries include NATO members and their allies (israel & some Arab aligned countries plus others), $100 Billion was said to be paid by one rich Gulf country who is very much involved in the plotting, quarter of a million civilians because Syria has 42 ethnic groups and each group should suffer big casualties in order to break its links with other groups and avoid getting any unions among any groups.

Now that the plot failed in Syria, despite the great media war never launched before, USA is withdrawing its soldiers from Iraq in defeat after 8 years of misery there, the price should be paid. Syria has a very strong strategical alliance with Iran, and another alliance with Russia and a new alliance that is emerging gradually with China, all three are heavy weight countries when it comes to the Middle East affairs, heavy weight economically, population and military capabilities, this alliance is just waiting for the perfect moment to launch the counter strike and cleanse the New World Order preachers and tools from the area then towards Western Europe then ultimate goal is the USA itself, and Occupy Wall Street is just a small tickling.

The tool to implement that poison was spoken by former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice naming it literally: Creative Chaos. Creative Chaos will be the portion the USA will taste, the only difference between USA and Syria when tasting this poison is: Syria has 7,000 years of continuous civilization while the United States counts only a couple hundreds of years, therefore, the ability of Syria to come over such chaos is far beyond the ability of the USA which will definitely fall apart taking in consideration the huge gap between poor and rich, 99% & 1%, the 'Haves' and the 'Have Mores' and those who 'Don't Have at all', the parasites and the slaves, the rulers and those who will never get elected.. and the list never ends.

What will eventually happen starting the beginning of the year 2012 especially with the bad signs of the Euro collapsing, is very ugly. If we take in consideration the tragedies the USA caused worldwide, we can imagine those taking advantage of the fall of USA to get even for the millions killed by aggressive US administrations. What will eventually and soon happen in the United States of America then its allies will be literally the West Winter vs the Arab Spring.

USA has a golden chance to avoid this by coming clean, if Occupy Wall Street movement manages to get into power and prosecute the criminals in the current 'regime' administration, there might be a chance, if not, don't say I didn't warn you.

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