Thursday, December 8, 2011

Before Exporting Democracy Try to Earn Some for Yourselves

I admire the short-sighted vision and blood-thirsty mood in the west towards the Middle East..!

You like to see every country having a 'Democracy'? Why not start with yourself?! Ok, now this might drive some of you mad, but do you know what political system runs in the USA? I doubt.
To claim you are a 'Democracy' and you have a desire to export your way of life to others is so dumb because if you don't own something you can't export it, let alone practice it.

Read your constitution & look at your own political system running in the USA, you might not like it, but the USA is a 'Republic' and not a 'Democracy', because the latter by definition for sure will wipe out all rights of minorities, then if you are a 'Democracy' by practice, how do you explain that a country of 320 million inhabitants produced only 2 parties to rule it rotationally since ever, while Syria, the country you never stop preaching 'Democracy' to had before the terror started there 5 political parties officially represented in the parliament, the govt & throughout the army, police... & if counts only 23 million inhabitants?! Now the number of parties as we speak reaches 9.

If you think that you elect in a 'Democratic' way your congressmen, your representatives, and your president, then try asking yourselves the simple question: Why does those 'elected' officials need to raise money to get to office? Why the one who raises more money get 'elected' while those popular figures who didn't manage to raise enough money don't get 'elected'? Then ask who have enough money to control all that procedure, and need not remind you that because Goldman Sachs funded your existing president he got the job. (Check Here)

A 'Republic' protects the rights of minorities, did you know that the 23 million Syrians split among 42 ethnic & religious backgrounds? I'm sure not, because you only love to see warfare games sitting on a couch at your home while other countries benefit from your desire to protect its people & enjoy the 'Democracy' you exported to them:

Libyans enjoyed your 'protection of civilians' when 'Democracy' raids resulted in a 120,000 lives lost, more wounded, much more lost their incomes, a devastated country to live in and instead of a 'Democracy' they'll have to live in a terrorist style political system preached previously by Taliban in Afghanistan when your govt imported what it used to claim it's fighting in its 'war on terror' to fight Gaddafi and takeover his power.. 

Don't ask me how it managed to control those people it told you it's fighting overseas for the past 11 years while you paid for that war blood & money, you can ask your govt that, since you're a 'Democracy'.

And since I mentioned Afghanistan it's worth remembering the reason your troops are there, remember when George W Bush accused cavemen in Afghanistan of taking down the two towers in New York? 9/11? 

Those cavemen dubbed Al Qaeda headed by Osama Ben Laden who was killed by Obama Ben Hussain were later transferred to Libya as I mentioned above, but for 11 years, your government attacked the country that is famously known for its opium fields and its proximity to Russia, not its ability to launch attacks on super powers, during these years your government managed to kill thousands of civilians (Check Here) wounding thousands, displacing thousands, all at the cost of your own money and blood for a fake reason. And left the people there with a devastated country.

Iraq is another example of your govt will to export your 'Democracy' worldwide and demolish a threat of Iraqi's WMDs which turned out as a lie of course later, but in the process of 8 years before declaring your total defeat, 1.5 million Iraqis lost their lives in direct killing and killings caused by terrorists 'controlled by CIA' surprisingly, like the case in Afghanistan transferred to Libya, 4.5 million Iraqis displaced internally and across the borders into neighboring countries, and it's worth mentioning that Syria's stake was 1.5 million Iraqi refugees, you can imagine the wounded and orphaned of course; and of course a devastated country.

Syria will not be another importer of your 'Democracy' because simply it's out of your reach, not in the UNSC which for a first time your govt was slapped with a Double Veto from Russian and China on one side, the might of Syria's army which is not matched in the MENA region, the unpredictable reaction it might have especially it hinted several times that it would drown israel 'your parasite' with missiles in case it get attacked, add to it a strong combination of allies it has throughout the world and the region, need not mention its geo-political importance. 

As you see, every time your government wants to distract your attention and export its internal problems it goes on a blood spilling spree worldwide, once under retaliation for the war of terror where retaliating the death of 3,000 US citizens caused the deaths of millions of civilians, or by fear that a country overseas might use its nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction against your country, and ironically enough, it's your country that stocks such weapons and of course the parasite state in the Middle East region 'israel' that lives on your account, then just saying it was a lie, 'Responsibility to Protect' is the new trend now, it worked in Libya thus far, and since it's protecting civilians it succeeded in 'protecting their paths to heavens'.

You want to export your 'Democracy', why not earn one for a start? Be men, leave the couch and join the protesters taking to the streets against the bankers who control your leaders who are controlled by AIPAC which is controlled by 'israel' which lives on the account of your taxes and when 1.2 million families lost their houses to banks last year, 'israel' received $8 Billion Dollars in direct & indirect aide, the same amount which would have saved those families their houses. The role of the state of 'israel' and your govt role in protecting its interests is only to create more enemies for your children and rob you off your money to again leave your children with debts they can never pay.

WAKE UP & Join the 99% who are controlled by the 1% in your own country to fix your 'Democracy' and allow sharing of power then lead by example, otherwise just sit on the couch and watch the 1% rips your economy apart and commit crimes in your names, create enemies for your children to face, and be hated as the worst evil country on this planet.

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog, and it is a real eye opener.



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